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Founded in 1979, NWEBS is the largest and oldest bird society in Washington State. We are affiliated with the American Federation of Aviculture, the foremost national avicultural organization which promotes conservation of bird wildlife through the encouragement of captive breeding programs, scientific research and education of the general public.


NWEBS has two primary missions. The first is education. Aviculture is constantly evolving. Every month we try to find a dynamic, informative expert on subjects as diverse as ornithology, avian biology, avian behavior, avian conservation and/or breeding. There is always something for just about everybody who has an interest in birds. We do like to give a small stipend to each speaker to compensate them for their time and travel. Your membership dues help us with that.


In addition, we publish a newsletter bi-monthly which includes detailed minutes and notes on the speakers, news, a bulletin from the AFA, EB Craven's "Birdkeeping Naturally" column, & more.


Our second mission is one of support. We quietly support the avicultural community and others whose lives are touched by these feathered companions, whether through advice from our many combined years of experience, or finding homes for unwanted birds through our extensive network of caring bird lovers, or searching for lost birds, we are there for you as a resource.Your membership entitles you to a newsletter and free admittance to all meetings – board and general, the option to advertise free in the newsletter, participate in the monthly raffles.

NWEBS does things not available from the Internet! Past speakers include:

Kaye Baxter: Founder of Sarvey Wildlife Refuge
Dr. Brian Speer:  "Sex and the Single Parrot"
Tom Roudybush:  "Nutrition for your parrot"
Gudrun Maybaum: "Holistic Bird Keeping"
Wendy & Stephen Crane:  "How to make an outside aviary"
Sandra Kahler: "Birds in Art"
Chris Shank: "How to live successfully with a cockatoo"
Nate & Betsy Lott: "Mollywood Avian Sanctuary"
The late Jan Roger Van Oosten: "Parrots from around the world"
Dr. Tracey Bennett: DVM Board Certified Avian Vet
Dr. Lynn Seibert: "Animal Behaviorist"
Eb Craven:  "Bird keeping Naturally"
Dr. Davidson: "Bird Opthamology"
Susie Foster: "Grooming your Parrot"
Adam Karp: "Parrots and the Law"
Woody Wheeler: "Audubon Society"
Dr. Dhillon: "Avian Diseases"
Chris Biro: "Free flying and clicker training"
Kent Clegg: "Whooping Crane Migratory rehabber"
Becky Barker: "Woodland Park Zoo Feruginous Hawk"
Dr. Donald Brightsmith PhD: "Tambopata Research Center"
Bird Nutrition - Panel including Marshall & Judy Paris
Dr. Chris Canon - "Avian First Aid"
Tani Robar: "Trick Training your Parrot and Pet Star presentation"
Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney: "Birds of Australia"
The late Jeri Wright:  "Handfeeding baby parrots


Come meet us at one of our upcoming meetings and see what it's all about! Feel free to join right here online!!!

You can join us at the Woodland Park Lawn Bowling Building

We meet at the Woodland Park Lawn Bowling Building in Seattle on the third Sunday of the month at 2:00 PM. Be sure to check our Calendar page for descriptions of upcoming events.